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Here are a some books you might wish to to get:
Best Remaining Seats by Ben M. Hall
Ben was a good friend and the founder of the Theater Historical Society.

Town Hall Tonight by Harlowe R Hoyt
Intimate memories of the grass roots days of the American theater.

Silent Film Sound by Rick Altman

King of the Movies by Joseph P. Eckhardt
Film Pioneer Sigmund Lubin    Fabulous history of the Lubin Co.

Tunes for Toons by Daniel Goldmark

The Cartoon Music Book by Daniel Goldmark

And for the stout of heart and those willing to wade into deep waters of esoterica:

Harmonies of Heaven and Earth:  Mysticism in Music by Joscelyn Godwin
Godwin is Professor of music at Colgate University and the author of numerous works on both music and esoteric traditions. The prime question this book deals with is: What lies beneath the surface of music and what gives it its transcendent power? This is a great book for musicians as is his book The Mystery of the Seven Vowels.


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