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Here are two more midi resource sites. The downloads are free.
MidiWorld classical page has hundreds of classical works played on either piano
or in some cases split out into orchestral parts which are played back thru the computer's
midi sound engine. This is a fabulous resource for experimenting with film accompaniment
the way the big theaters did it in the heyday of the silents.

Terry Smythe has spent untold hours on this music resource.
There are nearly 3000 player rolls that have been converted to midi.
They range from standard 88 note rolls to reproducing piano rolls and
on to band organ and Aeolian Orchestrelle rolls. The pianos use the
midi piano for playback. The orchestrions use other midi voices to
simulate band organs etc.
The music ranges from old pop tunes to complete segments of operas.

Here is a great WebSite for the silent film resources.
This has all of the early Chaplin films that are in the public domain.
They are viewable as either streaming video or downloadable in several formats
and resolutions. There are about fifty (or so) Chaplin films plus other movies
text and audio files. No membership is required. The musical accompaniments are not great
but some are OK.


Test Midi Playback